Dulwich Picture Gallery, the oldest art gallery in England, is hosting a brilliant new exhibition dedicated to the “God of painting” Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.


Murillo specialises in the depiction of the poor with empathy and insight and rose to fame during the Victoria era. Post 20th century has seen a decline in popularity with some suggest the likes of Caravaggio, Velazquez, Ribera and the Carracci paint a much more accurate portrayal.


Despite the conflicting views,  The Independent’s Andrew Graham Dixon rated the exhibition 4/5 stars suggests that (although others may do it even better) his paintings deserves a large amount of admiration.


Where? Gallery Road,  SE21 7AD


Nearest Train? West Dulwich




Dry cleaners use solvents to clean your clothes instead of water. Hence, the  term ‘dry clean.’ Despite the use of chemicals it a very gentle and delicateprocess.


This means that essentially anything can be dry cleaned and in some cases must be dry cleaned. For example silk shirts and adorned items. A normal wash would be much too harsh for such delicate items. Leather items can also be dry cleaned although the process is different.


However, we advise you do not need to dry clean clothes every time you wear them. This does depend on the person however and their level of hygiene and perspiration. Dry cleaning too often may cause unnecessary wear and fade much like washing clothes too often would.


We advice you to check the labels of clothes which will advise you of the specific care instructions for an item. If you’re still not sure, drop an email to info@drycleanersdulwich.com or call us on 020 7060 4939 and we can double check for you.

As the Android market’s popularity sky-rockets, leaving poor little Iphone sat on the back benches, the variety of software downloadable to your phone or tablet becomes ever more diverse, fun and useful. It’s very, very hard to pick just five out of the application out there on Google Play, so feel free to comment if you feel there should be any others on this. A  healthly debate is welcome!

1. Androidify

Ever wondered if you can make your Android icon personal to you? Well now you can. With Androidify you modify the Android logo to whatever floats one’s boat. Stretch it, shrink it, give it a goatee and then share the image with your friends.  A fun way to customise your phone or tablet to really make it your own after everybody else in the office jumps on the Nexus bandwagon.

2. London Tube Master

Providing live departure times London Tube Master proves inevitably useful when you have a 7pm reservations but an  unavoidable delay disrupt the usual commute routine and the data used is sourced directly from TFL, ensuring complete accuracy. Perhaps this isn’t  a ground-breaking application but nonetheless essential for all London commuters.

3. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

Keep-up-date with live match stats and scores fed directly to your device from Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre. The only thing which could improve this app is the ability to receive notifications so that the constant checks were a thing of the past.

4. Swift Key

Swift Key uses cutting edge technology to make slow and frustrating touch-screen typing a thing of the past. It learns your writing style so it can correct the likely mistake you would have made. So no annoying ‘unfortunately’ appearing from and ‘um’ and it even works if the space bar is missed. Time-saving, user-friendly and simple. Everything an excellent app should be.

5. Flow Free

The latest addictive puzzle craze gripping the nation. For when the commute is very long, dull, stuffy and reading the metro for the 2nd time today doesn’t seems too appealing Flow Free comes to the rescue. And when Flow Free reaches the end, there’s always the sequel Flow Free: Bridges.


We had an idea at ihateironing.com HQ. We thought that since you’ve discovered us, you’ll probably have a spare hour or two to spend time doing the things you enjoy. So we come up with idea what you could do instead.

This week in Dulwich there’ s a bitterly cold wind (and a slight chance of snow) in the air so it would perhaps be most pleasing for everyone to suggest a cosy activity, such as a hot chocolate whilst watching that DVD box-set Uncle Adam got your for Christmas. But please we shall not.

Dulwich Running Club

Yes, we are very aware that it’s minus degrees outside. But our ‘Instead of ironing’ suggestion this week is to sign up to Dulwich Runners. It’s the time of year where the resolutions you made not long ago are still hanging around bugging your conscience making a little pang of guilt resonate. Seen as we now have the pleasure of doing all your dry cleaning, ironing and laundry there really is no excuse not to. All ages and abilities are welcome so grab a friend and make it your mission to go to at least one session around Dulwich Park.


If that’s not enough to convince you click here to find out 12 benefits running can have on your health.


Now that we have the honourable duty of looking after your dry cleaning, laundry and perhaps you have some time to read this Blog, perhaps you could even a comment.

Common Sense Diet

Guaranteed to taste delicious and make you look and feel like a like a slightly souped up version of yourself (think the Berocca ads) but also one of simplest and most logical diet tricks in the book. What is this new trick? Well in fact it’s very old and not new at all. And nor is it something I’ve invented. It’s something that I can wholeheartedly endorse as I (without being a bragging bore) am a walking talking advert for it. It’s simple yet effective and there are only 2 rules to a healthier you. It involves no cereal bars, no expensive machines to whizz your food into soup and no 2 shakes a day and a measly salad guideline.


Rule no.1 - Five fruit and Veg a day (3 veg and 2 fruit)


Doctors harp on at you, the telly tells you to do, I bet even the dog (if he could talk) would lecture you of it’s wonderful benefits. So why aren’t you already doing it? I’ll tell you why. Because the office manager just ordered a dozen Krispy Kremes and the sorry looking apple on your desk cowers in the wake of the Kreme’s doughy carbohydrate filled body. But stop. Back away from the pastries. We all love a treat but try and coax your sweet tooth with a piece of fruit and your body (specifically the legs, bum and tums) will thank you for it. The mid-afternoon slump is due to the refined carbs you eat in the morning. Even the ‘healthy’ cereal has a high GI meaning you will feel full for all of 5 minutes.


Rules No. 2 – Listen to your body


Often the gut wrenching hunger you wake up with is actually thirst. And you’re not even hungry but it’s lunchtime and socialising with your colleagues at Wagamama’s means that before you know it a huge plate of noodles is tantalising you with it’s eastern promise. Try to eat when you’re hungry, not just because you’re supposed to. The body is very versatile  and even when hunger does kick in you can run on empty for a while without collapsing into a heap halfway through Yoga.  After all, our ancestors didn’t have a Dominoes at the end of the road to order from. I’m not suggesting that you should hunt your own food but sometimes it’s good to remember what REAL hunger feels like to appreciate the food you have.


And if all my efforts to persuade you fail just take a look at this monkey. That should persuade you of the benefits of fruit and veg.

Monkey made a Fruit

Fruit and Veg Monkey