New Year, New Diet Fad…Time to try something new?


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Common Sense Diet

Guaranteed to taste delicious and make you look and feel like a like a slightly souped up version of yourself (think the Berocca ads) but also one of simplest and most logical diet tricks in the book. What is this new trick? Well in fact it’s very old and not new at all. And nor is it something I’ve invented. It’s something that I can wholeheartedly endorse as I (without being a bragging bore) am a walking talking advert for it. It’s simple yet effective and there are only 2 rules to a healthier you. It involves no cereal bars, no expensive machines to whizz your food into soup and no 2 shakes a day and a measly salad guideline.


Rule no.1 - Five fruit and Veg a day (3 veg and 2 fruit)


Doctors harp on at you, the telly tells you to do, I bet even the dog (if he could talk) would lecture you of it’s wonderful benefits. So why aren’t you already doing it? I’ll tell you why. Because the office manager just ordered a dozen Krispy Kremes and the sorry looking apple on your desk cowers in the wake of the Kreme’s doughy carbohydrate filled body. But stop. Back away from the pastries. We all love a treat but try and coax your sweet tooth with a piece of fruit and your body (specifically the legs, bum and tums) will thank you for it. The mid-afternoon slump is due to the refined carbs you eat in the morning. Even the ‘healthy’ cereal has a high GI meaning you will feel full for all of 5 minutes.


Rules No. 2 – Listen to your body


Often the gut wrenching hunger you wake up with is actually thirst. And you’re not even hungry but it’s lunchtime and socialising with your colleagues at Wagamama’s means that before you know it a huge plate of noodles is tantalising you with it’s eastern promise. Try to eat when you’re hungry, not just because you’re supposed to. The body is very versatile  and even when hunger does kick in you can run on empty for a while without collapsing into a heap halfway through Yoga.  After all, our ancestors didn’t have a Dominoes at the end of the road to order from. I’m not suggesting that you should hunt your own food but sometimes it’s good to remember what REAL hunger feels like to appreciate the food you have.


And if all my efforts to persuade you fail just take a look at this monkey. That should persuade you of the benefits of fruit and veg.

Monkey made a Fruit

Fruit and Veg Monkey



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