Instead of ironing, you could…


We had an idea at ihateironing.com HQ. We thought that since you’ve discovered us, you’ll probably have a spare hour or two to spend time doing the things you enjoy. So we come up with idea what you could do instead.

This week in Dulwich there’ s a bitterly cold wind (and a slight chance of snow) in the air so it would perhaps be most pleasing for everyone to suggest a cosy activity, such as a hot chocolate whilst watching that DVD box-set Uncle Adam got your for Christmas. But please we shall not.

Dulwich Running Club

Yes, we are very aware that it’s minus degrees outside. But our ‘Instead of ironing’ suggestion this week is to sign up to Dulwich Runners. It’s the time of year where the resolutions you made not long ago are still hanging around bugging your conscience making a little pang of guilt resonate. Seen as we now have the pleasure of doing all your dry cleaning, ironing and laundry there really is no excuse not to. All ages and abilities are welcome so grab a friend and make it your mission to go to at least one session around Dulwich Park.


If that’s not enough to convince you click here to find out 12 benefits running can have on your health.

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