Top 5 Android apps

As the Android market’s popularity sky-rockets, leaving poor little Iphone sat on the back benches, the variety of software downloadable to your phone or tablet becomes ever more diverse, fun and useful. It’s very, very hard to pick just five out of the application out there on Google Play, so feel free to comment if you feel there should be any others on this. A  healthly debate is welcome!

1. Androidify

Ever wondered if you can make your Android icon personal to you? Well now you can. With Androidify you modify the Android logo to whatever floats one’s boat. Stretch it, shrink it, give it a goatee and then share the image with your friends.  A fun way to customise your phone or tablet to really make it your own after everybody else in the office jumps on the Nexus bandwagon.

2. London Tube Master

Providing live departure times London Tube Master proves inevitably useful when you have a 7pm reservations but an  unavoidable delay disrupt the usual commute routine and the data used is sourced directly from TFL, ensuring complete accuracy. Perhaps this isn’t  a ground-breaking application but nonetheless essential for all London commuters.

3. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

Keep-up-date with live match stats and scores fed directly to your device from Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre. The only thing which could improve this app is the ability to receive notifications so that the constant checks were a thing of the past.

4. Swift Key

Swift Key uses cutting edge technology to make slow and frustrating touch-screen typing a thing of the past. It learns your writing style so it can correct the likely mistake you would have made. So no annoying ‘unfortunately’ appearing from and ‘um’ and it even works if the space bar is missed. Time-saving, user-friendly and simple. Everything an excellent app should be.

5. Flow Free

The latest addictive puzzle craze gripping the nation. For when the commute is very long, dull, stuffy and reading the metro for the 2nd time today doesn’t seems too appealing Flow Free comes to the rescue. And when Flow Free reaches the end, there’s always the sequel Flow Free: Bridges.

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