What Can I Dry Clean?


Dry cleaners use solvents to clean your clothes instead of water. Hence, the  term ‘dry clean.’ Despite the use of chemicals it a very gentle and delicateprocess.


This means that essentially anything can be dry cleaned and in some cases must be dry cleaned. For example silk shirts and adorned items. A normal wash would be much too harsh for such delicate items. Leather items can also be dry cleaned although the process is different.


However, we advise you do not need to dry clean clothes every time you wear them. This does depend on the person however and their level of hygiene and perspiration. Dry cleaning too often may cause unnecessary wear and fade much like washing clothes too often would.


We advice you to check the labels of clothes which will advise you of the specific care instructions for an item. If you’re still not sure, drop an email to info@drycleanersdulwich.com or call us on 020 7060 4939 and we can double check for you.

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